The First 1000 Days of Life

A few days back, Sec. Francisco Duque signed the IRR of the First 1000 days of Life. The 1000 days include 270 days from conception to delivery, 365 for the first year of life and another 365 for the second year of life. The IRR ensures that projects, programs and activities will be prioritized not only when the baby comes out but from the time of conception up to two years of life. All governemnt agencies involved and NGOs are directly to give priority to this very crucial time in the life of a child. Basically, this is one way of preventing stunting.

All regions were represented. I had the privilege of joining the activity together with the RD of NNC XI, Dr. Maria Theresa Ungson, DOH Davao Nutritionist-Dietitian Ma’am Grace Albano, and program coordinators from different PHOs, Mayflor Espiritu of Davao del Norte, Cora Dino of Davao del Sur and Jessily Pajarito of Davao de Oro.

I believe health workers all over the country were overjoyed by the signing. But as the Secretary have mentioned, what matters is not the signing of the IRR but the implementation of the IRR. He said, “work should not be business as usual but business not usual.” And I agree. We work to ensure that we do what we are mandated to do. Gone are the days that we sit and do things the usual way. This time, strategic planning is the key.

It was an event filled with learning. We discovered common problems in our area of responsibilities and discovered new best practices that we can probably replicate or find better ways to implement. It was also a time to bond with fellow health workers. The laughs, the food, the comments that we shared and ultimately the output that we came up was the final piece to end the experience.


Changing My Blog Name

I have made a few changes with this blog ang it has been a wonderful ride. Now comes the thoughts of changing my blog name. When I made this blog it was intended to share my journey as a mother to small kids (hence the diapers) and as a doctor (hence the stethoscope). But eventually kids grow up and I, too, grew as a person.

I have watched and witnessed my most favored blog sites grew and evolved into brandings that carry their names. And I saw the advantages of that. And most of the coaches that were introduced by these blogs all have the same theme, personal branding.

A lot of times my friends are surprised to know that behind the blog name is me. But I also love it when meeting someone new and be asked if this is my blog and that they’ve read my work. It’s a good feeling to know that what I write are sensible and relatable for people to be acutally reading it (if you know what I mean).

So… should I be changing the name to something more personal or to just stick with what I have now?

Cloth Pads

Our journey towards sustanable living continues with these cloth pads. Sure it looks plenty but now there’s two of us using it. R recently got her first period and good thing our kasambahay let her used the cloth pads. Yes I have a stash of them, of different sizes, of different prints.

And just recently we got the how-to of these stash. You see the printed parts? That’s where your skin is supposed to touch. The backside, the one with the fleece, is suppossed to touch the underwear. But yes you can use it the other way around if you like (and honestly that’s how we’ve been using it and been wondering why I get stains during my period.) I think it’s best to follow the proper use of these pads.

There are lots of online stores that sell them. And they can just ship it out to your doorstep. What you would be looking for is the cut on the backside especially for your heavy days, the cloth being used, the size and of course the cost. And you have to calculate how often to change your pads, how quickly you can wash them and how quickly they are gonna dry. That’s how you’ll know how many pads you will be needing. And if you wanna get for just everyday use, that’s another calculations and that’s another sort if you want, or you can just use the ones you have already.

Another thing that I’m interested in are mentrual cups. There’s a lot of different brands out there and I have yet to pick one. I’ll tell you about it soon once I get a hold of it.

Easter Egg Hunt

We’ve been doing Easter Egg hunt for several years now. It started with my cousins and we decided to continue that with the kids as they were looking forward to it annually. We’re also trying to include other kids in the occassion.

I try to make things fun which includes prizes. Each egg comprise of different prizes. This year, we had to do a night time Easter egg hunt so that all the kids will be able to participate.

Easter eggs used from previous years

I wasn’t able to get a photo of them doing the hunt. My kids used all my phones as flashlights ☺️

Claiming of prizes

As you can see, it was an occassion for the kids, not for the adults. But I think the adults had as much fun as the kids had in locating the eggs.

Seed Packets

Ever since I’ve started planting herbs, I’ve also started saving up some seeds. I’d dry them out, pack them in tissue papers and then store them in jars. There was a time when I stored each seed in different jars but eventually I ran out of jars. So I just kept packing them until my jars were already full. I decided to put them in packets and label them. M has a lot of papers with his drawing on them and he just tossed it out when he’s done with it. I decided to use these papers.

On top, you can see my jar where I put all my packed seeds. Beside it are the seed packets I made (with the help of the girls) out of the papers used by my son.

I labeled each packet with what’s inside.

Papaya seeds

It doesn’t take much and it didn’t cost me anything. My goal is not to keep buying food, but to keep growing food.

How Listening to Podcast Helps

My work takes me at least two and a half hours travel time to and from home. If you’re someone who travels far, you may understand the grueling hours sitting and the risks that entails to travelling everyday. And it’s not happy days all the time. Sometimes problems arise that changes your emotions for the hours to come. Although I usually listen to music while travelling as it helps transition my mood to something that would get me to work mode or get me to relax, I found another option to enhance knowledge and at the same time changes my whole perspective for the day and the days to come.

I would say that I’m a bit biased to IOS as all my gadgets are IOS but because that’s what I have, I’m using a minimalistic approach to this one. So as my title says it, Podcast has been a huge part in our learning process. My travel to work involves music and Podcast. If I would say it’s life changing, you might think I’m exagerating but yes it is life changing in a sense. Imagine you’re learning, isn’t that life changing??!

There’s a videocast or an audio one. Depends on what you really like. Sometimes I find the videocast more educational but that would have certain limitations. Like if I’m moving too much, I can’t really watch or if I’m travelling at night, I don’t even attempt to watch. So the audio one comes into place. Again that would depend on you entirely.

Some of the shows I follow

My most favorite show would be by TED. They have different categories depending on your preference. I find the Arts category very inspiring. Well there’s also health, social, business and etc. There’s also an app dedicated entirely for TED. It’s free. Either I use that or the Podcast, all the same. There’s also TED-Ed which the kids really really love.

Other shows that I follow include Anatomy and Physiology, Gardening, Minimalism, Mathematics. There’s a whole range of learning in Podcast. I would highly recommend you try it.

Toasted Cheese Bread

If you’re tired of the regular bread and you want to pump it up a bit, you can make these super easy (and I mean it because I don’t usually cook) toasted cheese bread.

Things you will need:

2 regular loaf bread

1 cup of your favorite cheese (more if you prefer), grated


Arrange your loaf bread on a plate side by side, put the cheese on top evenly and just put it on the microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on how cooked you want it to be, and that’s it.

Best to eat it while it’s hot. There’ll be crunchy when you bite it.

You can serve it with hot tea or coffee or fresh juice.